Ryan Steel

Ryan grew up playing basketball before, during and after school. A natural runner with seemingly boundless energy, he tried his hand at many sports and athletics, from football, tennis and badminton, to sprinting, long jump, beach volleyball and swimming. Even at an early age, buying books to learn more about human anatomy and training methods, he had a thirst for knowledge in these subjects and an interest in a diverse range of exercise.

After being mugged in mid high school, Ryan wanted to be able to defend himself and his mates, and sought out a local mixed martial arts school to teach him how. This began a new passion which came in the form of Kickboxing/Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and eventually a 3 year span of full time training in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Peter Guy. This formed the strong foundation for his understanding of the body, how to train and condition it, and his passion for the strength and fitness industry developed. In 2004 he was lucky enough to join Grandmaster Cheung and his team of Wing Chun Students from around the world on a visit to the Shaolin Temple, being the first “Westerners” to have access to areas of the Temple normally kept hidden from tourists. The time Ryan spent with the monks in meditation and practising Qigong exercises, inspired a 6 month period of learning acrobatics, to further his understanding and control of his body.

Later taking on FIFO roles, both in security and construction, long rosters working away meant martial arts took a back-seat and the focus on strength and fitness conditioning in camp gyms took over. Being involved in volunteer fire fighting and marine rescue, he learned invaluable skills including gaining his bronze medallion. Even when doing steel fixing for work during this period of FIFO work, he found time, usually twice a day 6 times a week, for his own training on top of physically demanding work. In the past 10 years, Ryan has been fortunate enough to train under and alongside people with various fitness backgrounds including power lifting, martial arts, military service and rugby.

Ryan has developed his methods of coaching by blending a mixture of what he has learned through martial arts, from the people he has trained with along the way and continuously researching trends and new information about the human body. Whether clients are focused on weight loss, strength gains, cardio fitness, functional movement or goals specific for a sport or hobby, he is here to coach with a positive attitude, where motivation and inspiration encourage performance and dedication. A strong focus on technique first and foremost, followed by increasing the energy and intensity in each session, Ryan promotes a safe platform to improve performance with lower risk of sustaining injuries.

In 2015, Ryan completed a Certificate 4 in Fitness (AIPT), making a commitment to pursue a new fulfilling career in the strength and fitness industry.

“I intend to put the same energy and dedication into Polypride Fitness Centre and my clients, as I have in my own training over the past 2 decades. I believe that when we condition the body and mind, life’s challenges become less confronting whilst improving our quality of life.”